Timberstone Shores Planning

Development Objective

The fact that Nameless Lake is a legally private lake with no public access produced a very unique developement opportunity. It is now next to impossible to find such a large waterfront resource with year-round access and proximity to modern services and amenities that is also a legally private entity. Low density development, environmental safeguards and architectural standards are key components of the development concept. An appreciation for the balance that can exist between man and nature along with a desire to preserve and protect the existing pristine state of Nameless Lake, guided all planning.

We placed considerable emphasis on creating and maintaining an environment that suited us personally since it is our intention to continue to reside at Timberstone Shores indefinitely. We did not wish to endure the noise and pollution that results from the use of any type of motorized watercraft so we were determined to make Nameless Lake a motorless lake. We want to preserve our waterfront view of Nameless Lake and decided that no development should occur on the western shore of Nameless Lake. We wanted Timberstone Shores to be a low density development so we made the waterfront parcels much larger that is normally found and limited development to twenty waterfront properties. Timberstone Shores is not a hit and run project where minimum lot sizes and maximum profitability are the norm. It only takes one visit to understand our vision.

Development Plan


Firstly, we searched for similar developements in Canada to learn how the concept might be structured. To our surprise, we were unable to find a useable example. We did however discover a property in Europe that was described in a mystery novel. The concept was similar and it gave us the initial ideas as to how to proceed. From this point, the legal terms were prepared by means of Restrictive Covenants attached to each land title sold within the subdivision. We also established The Nameless Lake Preservation Association, a non-profit corporation with by-laws that reinforce the Restrictive Covenants. Each landowner will share the long term management of this pristine eco-system through their membership in the Nameless Lake Preservation Association. Restrictive Covenants and Association By-laws will ensure the aesthetic appeal, privacy, environmental quality and long term value of each member's property.