Timberstone Shores Amenities

Water QualityCanoeist

The lake water from Nameless Lake has been classified as Level One by the Ministry of Environment. This is the highest level of water quality they designate. Development capacity for Nameless Lake was determined to be in excess of one hundred homes or cottages. By limiting this number to twenty we have taken the necessary steps to ensure the level one classification will not be jeapardized.


The Timberstone Shores Subdivision is serviced by sub-surface hydro and telephone. The supply is buried underground to the shoreline and then fed by submarine cable to every other lot line. There is a hydro transformer and telephone demarkation point at each lot for convenient access to the building site. As a result, there are no overhead wires or associated large clearings beyond the overhead hydro supply to the subdivision. Wireless high-speed internet and cellular service is also available to the property.

 Potable water can be taken from the lake or a drilled well. Each property that has a well found an excellent source of water at 50 to 80 feet. Filter Bed septic systems are being used to handle all waste water and require a relatively small footprint so as not to intrude on the landscape.