Nameless Lake Preservation Association By-laws

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Protective Covenants

Association By-Laws


NLPA By-laws reinforce the Protective Covenants registered on title.


1. Every registered owner of a lot fronting on Nameless Lake shall be a member of the Nameless Lake Preservation Association and there will be one vote allotted per lot for all voting procedures of the Association.

2. All members of the association will regard the 66 foot (20 meter) marine allowance and Nameless Lake as a common use area with the exception of the marine allowance area between each owner's property and the lake. This area shall remain for the exclusive use of the owner except in the case of emergency.

3. Each member shall keep all lots and buildings owned by him, including the marine allowance between his lot and Nameless Lake and the land between his lot line and the gravel or paved portion of road surfaces, in good order and repair as is consistent with good property management.

4. The tank portion of every septic system shall be pumped out at the owners expense not less than once every five years for seasonal use property and not less than once every two years for year-round use property.

5. No lot or part of a lot shall be used as a means of public access to the lakefront or the marine allowance around Nameless Lake. Each member will ensure that any persons he knowingly allows to attend on his property, adhere to all covenants and by-laws.

6. Members shall not allow any watercraft on Nameless Lake without first taking all reasonable precautions in accordance with the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources' recommendations to reduce the risk of infestation by zebra mussels.

7. Live minnows or fish shall not be introduced into Nameless Lake without a majority approval of the Association.

8. No chainsaws, lawnmowers or heavy equipment shall be used on any property during the period June 15 to September 15 any year, except Monday to Saturday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

9. Open fires shall only be allowed on the common use area in receptacles and locations approved by the Association.

10. No excess noise or music shall be generated that could be deemed offensive to neighbours.

11. The Association annual membership fees will not exceed $150 per lot per year. Members will share all Association property tax at the rate of 5% per lot per year. With a majority vote (66%) of the membership, capital projects will be undertaken on a shared cost basis (not to exceed $200 per lot per year) for improvements to the common use area such as hiking or ski trails, picnic areas, fish stocking or boardwalks.

12. Members will be expected to adhere to the Rules and Regulations of the Association in order to maintain unrestricted access to the common use area and common use facilities.