Timberstone Shores Protective Covenants

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Protective Covenants

Association By-Laws


Protective Covenants are registered on title:

 1. No principal residence shall be built to a size of less than 1200 sq. ft. of interior finished residential use. No other buildings or ancillary structures shall be constructed until the principal residence is completed.

2. Building plans, including a site plan, exterior elevations and colour scheme will require the approval of the developer.

3. Once construction of a dwelling or ancillary building has commenced, the exterior portion of construction including landscaping, shall be completed within two years.

4. The following items shall not be stored or constructed in any location that is easily visible from adjoining lots or living units or from Nameless Lake:

- Hydro and telephone wires

- Satellite dish antennas

- Outside clotheslines

- House trailers, camping trailers, mobile homes, boats

- Snowmobiles between April 15 and November 15 any year

- Inoperative vehicles

- Lumber, metals, refuse or refuse containers

- Fences not constructed of earth tone coloured wood, stone or vegetation

- Unconcealed structural components of swimming pools, hot tubs spas or decks

5. Signs, other than those of or supplied by the developer, shall not be placed on any lot without the written approval of the developer.

6. No garbage or other household refuse shall be burned out of doors and all outdoor fire must be controlled according to Ministry of Natural Resources' policy or permit.

7. No toxic chemicals or materials are allowed to be handled so as to enter Nameless Lake and low or no phosphorous detergents shall be used in each living unit whenever possible.

8. No septic bed will be constructed within 100 feet (30 meters) of the high water mark of Nameless Lake and whenever necessary, the aggregate materials used or imported shall be from the top layers of the aggregate source to provide the maximum attenuation of phosphorous.

9. No watercraft employing an internal combustion engine for propulsion are allowed on Nameless Lake.

10. For privacy and wildlife habitat, no natural vegetation shall be removed within 30 ft. (10 meters) of the north and south boundaries of any lot. Except for access or enhancement of views, the natural vegetation shall not be removed from within 66 ft. (20 meters) of the high water mark of Nameless Lake.