Timberstone Shores Privacy


The majority of lakeshore property in Ontario is subject to a 66' (20m) marine allowance. This marine allowance was originally retained by the crown for the provision of roads. You might notice that many older waterfront subdivisions have a road between the owners property and the lake. This is no longer considered proper land use and for all intents and purposes, the marine allowance now provides a development setback from the waterfront. In most cases, the marine allowance between an owner's property and the lake is left under the control of the adjoining owner. Notwithstanding this, the marine allowance is still considered to be public property and is freely accessible to anyone as long as it is not necessary to cross private propery to access it. Public access would be provided at any location where a road or road allowance intersects with the marine allowance


At Timberstone Shores there are no public roads or unopened road allowances that instersect the marine allowance. The subdivision survey determined that there is a 26' (8 m) strip of Association Land between the marine allowance and the unopened township road allowance that would have to be crossed to gain access to the lake. As a result, the only legal access to Nameless Lake is across private property. This feature is purely by chance and is reflected in the original survey of the property. By means of Protective Covenant and Association by-laws all owners agree to restrict public access to Nameless Lake via their property or the association land.


It is also worth noting that in most subdivision applications in Ontario, 10% of the property development is to be reserved for public parklands. This of course would have meant the end of privacy at Nameless Lake. We were fortunately able to convince the municipality to accept a cash payment in lieu of the public parkland provision. The funds were used to provide parkland at another location and Nameless Lake remains legally private.


The true value of the privacy that is afforded at Timberstone Shores is priceless.

Subdivision Plan

Individual Properties

The Timberstone Shores subdivision contains twenty waterfront properties. Each property owner receives full and clear title to their land upon closing.  Even though each property is almost twice the size of what is considered "standard", additional measures have been taken to further enhance the privacy for each owner. A thirty foot (10m) buffer zone at each shared property line is to be left untouched to provide a total of sixty feet (20m) natural vegetation buffer between neighbours.


In addition, each owner is to consider the Marine Allowance between each owner's property and the lake as private and for the use and control of the owner. This further enhances the security and privacy at Timberstone Shores.


Association Land

The two and one half miles (4 km) of shoreline and 200 acres (80.9 ha) of land owned in common through the Nameless Lake Preservation Association is also legally private. This property has no public or private road access and is used exclusively by members for recreational purposes. This property is a substantial buffer zone for the lake from the west.