Timberstone Shores Background

The Romantic Story

In 1972 we saw Nameless Lake for the first time - from the air. I was the proud owner of a new private pilot's licence and a 1946 Aeronca Chief, my first airplane. Barbara and I were on a flight to the Gore Bay Airport as I was building flight time for my commercial pilot's licence and we were always looking for new places to visit. When approaching the airport to land we looked down from the two seater cockpit to a site that left us spell bound. It was a scene that dreams are made of - the perfect hideaway.

Bryan & BarbaraOur next encounter with Manitoulin was in 1980 due in whole to the forces of Nature. By this time we operated our own charter flying business in Big Trout Lake northern Ontario. May of 1980 found us flying over the area again. This time we were  in a 1978 Cessna 180 floatplane. We were on our way to southern Ontario for a family visit  when we were forced to land on Lake Kagawong because of poor weather. Mother Nature decided we needed a few days of R&R on Manitoulin.

We were cordially welcomed by the local residents, as is their nature, and soon began to feel at home. We spent the next day looking at real estate listings. The weather was not forecast to improve for another day so we made good use of our time. I remember the realtor quickly flashing a listing by us and dismissing it as an unlikely prospect. After a few more pictures and filesLake Aerial were presented I asked to see the one about the lake again. He begrudgingly gave it to us with subtle signals that we were wasting his time. Barbara and I were both completely absorbed by the description of the property but had to twist the realtor's arm to take us there. I'll never forget his refusal to walk in with us when we got to the locked gate. He chose to stay out of the drizzle and wait in the car. Undaunted, we strolled in the lane and upon first sight of the lake we were sold. When the weather cleared the next day, we flew back to find the lake from the air. It wasn't until then that we realized we had seen it one time before.


In Flight