Timberstone Shores Concept

Timberstone Shores is an upscale, yet wonderfully small, lakeside community sharing with nature - on the shores of the deep and crystal clear waters of Nameless Lake, Manitoulin Island. Environmental safeguards and architectural standards are key components which serve to protect and preserve this pristine and private 600 acre eco-system.

Residents take comfort in the knowledge that their neighbours, like themselves, value these protective measures which enhance the enjoyment of this unique natural resource while ensuring the long term value of each property.

Timberstone Shores will have a maximum of twenty seasonal or year-round homes with each property having a minimum of 265 feet (80 meters) of water-frontage. All are 3 to 4 acres in size with western exposure to an undeveloped, natural shoreline.

Nameless Lake is privately owned, as are the 600 acres of wilderness preserve that surround the lake. It is spring-fed and there are no overland streams running in or out. There is no provision for legal public access which allows the property owners to collectively act as stewards of this pristine eco-system. This action provides a measure of security that is not available to most other lakefront property owners and ensures the future value of each individual property.

Property owners automatically become members in the Namelesss Lake Preservation Association, a non-profit corporation that will ensure the long-term preservation of Nameless Lake and the 200 acres of undeveloped shoreline that the Namelesss Lake Preservation Association owns.

Timber, stone & shores best describes the aura of Nameless Lake that will remain in your mind and in reality for an eternity. The natural view over crystal clear waters to the "Group of Seven" shoreline is a priceless gift that will be preserved and protected for the enjoyment of future generations.

Lake Panoramic